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At ADDC Research we conduct several clinical research studies. Participation in a clinical research study may help in your medical condition. If you do not find a study you are interested in participating, check back often. Currently we are recruiting subjects with the following medical conditions:

  • Adolescents ages 12-17 to participate in a heartburn, stomach pain, throat pain study.
    This study provides treatment, exam, and follow up for GERD symptoms.
  • Healthy adults age 18-80 to participate in diarrhea irritable bowel syndrome study.
    If you or someone you know has trouble with frequent liquid stools or stomach pain this study may help!
  • Adults age 18-up with ulcerative colitis.
    If you have been diagnosed with either UC or UP (ulcerative protitis), or with symptoms such as diarrhea, rectal bleeding, urgency, abdominal pain, frequent bowel movements, or feeling as if you are unable to completely empty your bowels, participating in this study may help.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a Clinical Research Study?
    A research study is conducted by a principal investigator and staff members who gather information about a patient’s medical condition while taking or using an experimental drug or device. The results of these studies are reported to the FDA in an attempt to bring the particular device or drug to the public. There are different phases of drug studies conducted. We typically choose Phase 2 or Phase 3 studies, which means they have already been tested and used in other countries.
  • Can I quit if I decide not to participate?
    Yes, anyone can stop participation at any time during the study for any reason.
  • How do I find out if I qualify to participate in the study?
    Our staff can speak to you at a time that is convenient for you to ask your health history. If you are eligible to participate in a study, we will schedule an exam, labs, and dispense study drug/device and ask you to record your daily activities during the course of the study.
  • What benefits will I receive for participation?
    For studies that provide medication to treat an illness, the medications, lab work, physician exam, and sometimes hospital procedures are covered at no cost to the study patient. Some studies will compensate for participation, as well. People chose to participate in research studies for many reasons including: the ability to help scientists learn how new medications can help to provide hope to others. Devices are sometimes used, such as a virtual colonoscopy, to compare findings to an actual colonoscopy.

For more information and to see if you qualify for any of the studies listed above please contact:

Research Co-ordinator
ADDC Research
TEL: (256) 284-2332
FAX: (256) 882-7886
E-Mail: research@alabamaddc.com